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Access Intell offers powerful credit risk management tools designed to help lenders and businesses manage credit risks effectively

Whether you’re looking for a credit risk management system or credit risk analysis software, our user-friendly and intuitive platform has everything you need to make informed credit decisions. 

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Reduce Customer Credit Risk.

Access Intell provides software solutions to lenders and businesses that extend credit to customers.

Our platforms eliminate manual tasks, speed up internal processes and reduce credit risk enabling businesses to focus on maximising growth.

Access Intell’s platforms integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructures to provide intelligence, insight and control across all credit management functions. 

Automate your processes.  Integrate your technology.  Dominate your market.


Approve the right customers

Our online trade application allows you to receive applications digitally through your website, sales CRM or email link.

Applicant information is presented in an instantly digestible format ensuring confident approval / decline decisions.

Register on PPSR

Protect your business from insolvent customers by registering your security interests on PPSR to become a secured creditor with one click.  

Automated processing ensures you register correctly and within set time limits to achieve the highest PPSR priority.

Monitor every customer

Automatically receive risk scores and alerts on every customer. Know which ones are stable and safe and which ones have distress indicators. 

Click for deeper insight or download a credit bureau report with one click. 

See every customer in their risk category

Set up in minutes

Establishment is quick and easy. It involves you answering a series of questions online. Typically a trade application, PPSR and monitoring can all be set up in less than 30 minutes.

Improve as you go

You can change any aspect of your trade application whenever you like. You can ask extra questions, upload a new logo or Ts&Cs on any aspect of your set up completely free of charge. 

Establishment help

We know how frustrating it can be setting up new technology so we make it easy for you. Click below to arrange a 15 minute meeting with an expert. Be quick – discounts apply for limited time.

Access Intell clients: A love-love partnership

UPG - Accessii Customer


Access Intell have consistently provided us with fantastic responsive service. During our most recent acquisition they provided exceptionally quick and accurate service in assisting with the bulk registration of in excess of 370 PPSR’s at very short notice. The data was cleansed, provided back to us for confirmation and uploaded in 24 hours. We would not hesitate to recommend Lynne and the team at Access Intel.


Alexa Omany – Group Legal Counsel and Company Secretary
Viking Industrial - Accessii Customer


Viking Industrial was first introduced to Access Intell a few years ago during a stressful time with a company going broke whilst holding our equipment on site. Their professionalism and personality put our team at ease immediately. They have managed to take a complex and frustrating government system (PPSR register) and make it manageable for anyone. They have always been available for advice and guidance and having their name and brand supporting our company has always given banks or finance companies confidence when dealing with us. We always recommend Access Intell and are grateful for their contribution to our growing business.


Hurford Wholesale logo


Hurford Wholesale would like to express their gratitude to Access Intell for their professionalism, courtesy and patience during our company’s transition to the PPSR scheme. A massively daunting project, given the size of our customer base, Lynne very quickly broke the process down into manageable chunks and walked us through from start to finish; outlining all issues arising from implementing PPSR within our organisational infrastructure through to the legal discourse currently surrounding PPSA and its consequences. Incredibly easy to use, coupled with John’s ongoing support and great service, makes the whole process just one less thing to worry about. Great people and great service – we are extremely happy to have you on board as business partners.


Aron Narayan – Financial Controller
SteelForce - Accessii Customer


Facing the prospect of fighting a substantial unfair preference claim, while holding a PPSR, we were left wondering what was the point of having a registration. Coincidentally, I met with Access Intell. Even though the liquidator had originally rejected our secure claim, we worked with Lynne and Access Intel to ‘negotiate’ a more commercial outcome. The result of these negotiations was the formal recognition of our secure claim (thus defeating the unfair preference claim) and a small return from the proceeds. Taking a purely legal stance would have resulted in a protracted legal battle with the liquidator, but Lynne’s commercial approach gave us the results we wanted and needed. And she did it all with a smile.


Paul Burgess – National Credit Manager
Rouse Lawyers - Accessii Customer


Access Intell is terrific. This new legislation and the PPSR itself was so perplexing. As a principal, I was terrified about how long it would take to get my head around the issues we were facing with clients, and the lawyers presenting CLE’s on this topic were not being practical in their approach – I needed to understand the ins and outs and practicalities of registering interests in all their weird and wonderful guises! After a day session at our firm, we felt extremely confident and reassured of how to practically tackle this best for our clients and to confidently register interests in the most effective way. Thank you so much Lynne, we will have you back very soon for a refresher. 


Matthew Rouse – Managing Partner
Holcim - Accessii Customer


We engaged Access Intell in 2015 to look after PPSR registrations for Holcim Australia. Their first task was to review our T&Cs and help us devise registration profiles in conjunction with our legal team. They then cleansed and correctly uploaded some 15,000 registrations across multiple secured parties which would have been challenging – but the process was expertly managed resulting in a flawless onboarding experience. Access Intell is always available to answer questions from and deal with issues quickly and effectively. Registering on PPSR has been an excellent decision for us as we have seen a huge reduction in Unfair Preference claims from Liquidators. We have recently move to the SIIP platform and have been very impressed with it so far.


Alison Beythien. O2C Services Manager, Holcim, October 2018
Freedom Forklifts - Accessii Customer


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Then show off those testimonials at all stages through your marketing and sales processes.


Linda Lambe – Owner
Bachmann Plant Hire - Accessii Customer


As a company with a fleet of almost 200 machines and vehicles, we were aware of our new responsibilities in regards to the PPSR. However, it was extremely difficult to find out what was required and simply how to go about it. I happened upon Lynne Walton when searching for some professional help and contacted her to arrange a meeting. In a very short time, we were both surprised and pleased with her obvious depth of her knowledge of the subject and the straightforward strategies she presented to ensure our interests were protected. We had no hesitation in acquiring the services of Lynne Walton and have appointed her to fully manage our PPSR obligations and we have been extremely happy with the service that has been provided.


Marketing Manager - Bachmann Plant Hire


Right from the start we found Lynne Walton to be extremely informative and helpful in guiding us through the whole PPSA system. We have a high volume of transactions every month (new vehicle leases & sales) and a considerate number of debtors for registrations. Lynne assisted us in loading all our existing data efficiently and since then we have found the registration portal to be very user friendly. We are very pleased with the quick responses to all our queries as well as for prompt and courteous customer service.


Jeanette Risby Bell – Company Accountant

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