Access Monitor - Ongoing Customer Risk Assessment

Track your customers to remain aware of changes that affect your risk

Rapidly changing economic environments demand smarter, more responsive innovations.

It’s often difficult to know what is happening within a customer’s business. They may swap entity, suffer a significant bad debt, change ownership or face a challenge that adversely affects their ability to meet commitments with suppliers kept in the dark.

To safely balance the reward of increased sales against the risk of being paid on time, it’s vital to remain aware of changes.

Access Monitor dynamically assesses your risk of getting paid for the lifetime of your customer by scanning for changes likely to affect creditworthiness. Similarly, if you rely heavily on a supplier, Access Monitor can give assurance they will be able to deliver.

Collection options (such as referrals to external agencies) for dealing with late payers are available with one click.

Access Monitor provides a continuous credit score health check on every customer in an instantly understandable format to help you easily track your risk.

Smarter data – better insight

Access Monitor aggregates data from multiple sources to provide the most accurate customer viability and creditworthiness predictions. 

We gain intelligence and insight using next generation technology and present it in instantly consumable formats.


Ensure your customer data is valid and up to date.

Know your customer and their challenges as well as you should and set your own acceptable risk criteria.

Take advantage of sales opportunities and be alerted to adverse events.

Quick and easy

Connect or upload your customers daily / weekly / monthly to receive updated credit scores.

Data match to identify gaps and synchronise with your system.

Instantly understand which customers need sales or credit attention.

Advanced reporting

Managing a credit team means reporting exposures, results and write offs and performance across multiple divisions, states, team members. 

Access Monitor’s reporting suite puts you in the driving seat allowing you effortless control over your team and ledgers. 

Set up your business in minutes today

Dynamic risk assessment – confidently track your risk on every customer every day

Frequently asked questions

Access Intell‘s Monitor platform takes all of your customers and places them into one of eight risk bucket categories to show you quickly and easily where your risk lies and which customers are safe to trade with.

The best businesses are able to balance the risk of selling more against the chance of not being paid. Businesses that monitor their customers are able to spot opportunities and avoid risk that others may not. A customer that is trading well and paying its debts suffer an adverse event such as key person illness which can, in a short space of time, adversely affect the customer’s ability to pay. Conversely, a customer can encounter favourable trading conditions such as the winning of a large profitable contract that could be advantageous for supportive suppliers.

We aggregate data from more than 20 sources and incorporate these into our risk scores to determine the probability of non payment (payment risk score) and the likelihood of failure (insolvency risk score). Several of these risk categories are a good place to start. We consider the industry, the length of time a business has been trading, where they are located to begin with. Access Intell scores go much further and assess payment patterns, court actions, defaults, debt collection agency activity, registered PPSR security, director standing and sentiment alongside trusted credit bureau scores and amongst other important indicators. Access Intell also provides you with the detail on where the information came from to give assurance of its credibility.

Yes. You can click through to the detail on each customer to see exactly where the information came from that creates the risk bucket score. You can even see the court actions they are involved in either as pursuer or defendant.

The payment data we aggregate is current which means that we know whether a business paid all of its suppliers in the prior month within its set payment terms. That said, we are not a credit bureau. Users can always download a credit report from an established bureau via our platforms to provide assurance that an intended course of action is appropriate.

If you were a financier extending credit to a borrower, there would be an automatic acceptance of the financiers lending criteria. Suppliers are taking sometimes more risk in extending credit to customers. Suppliers deserve to be paid and to take steps to ensure they will be. Of course, this depends upon your customer relationship and the risk your are taking. In all cases a commercial decision within your organisation.

If your customer is not paying multiple other suppliers but paying you, indications are that it is only a matter of time before they default on your account. It is important to know this so that you can mitigate your exposure and risk.

Certain types of court actions (particularly non payment of a debt) are indicators of customer financial distress which is vital for suppliers to know. We compile court action data which appears within hours of the action being listed in court. Most providers offer court judgement data which is only available months and sometimes years after the action first appears in court.

Yes. We offer default registration via one of our partners. We also receive default data from our partners so you can see which customers have defaults registered against them.

Most businesses have laid down policies on the course of action you take when sets of circumstances present themselves. If that is not the case, you can consult our Resources tab on our website for advice on setting such policies. Access Intell understands that businesses need to balance the risk of non payment / insolvency against the reward of increased sales revenue.

The monitoring of all customers is included in our monthly subscription fee. There is no additional cost applicable unless you wish to obtain a credit report from one of our partner bureaus which are priced as marked.

Yes, you can apply to obtain your own customer profile. Simply contact us to arrange this. We also offer advice on how to improve your credit profile.

We are not lawyers and are therefore unable to provide legal advice. That said, however, most modern sets of terms and conditions of trade give suppliers that ability.

Customer Risk and Bad Debt

“Access Intell is saving Australian businesses millions of dollars in bad debts. With Access Intell, customer insolvency no longer means a total loss."