Happy Birthday PPSR!

Happy Birthday, PPSR!!


The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a national online register that allows individuals and businesses to register and search for security interests in personal property. Today is PPSR’s 11th birthday but still, even after all this time, lenders and businesses that hire or sell goods on credit terms struggle to register correctly to create enforceable security interests in things like vehicles, equipment, stock that is sold or assets that are used as collateral for loans or other financial agreements.


To register an interest on the PPSR, a person or business must provide accurate information about the property, the secured party, the grantor (recipient of the secured collateral) and the agreement. Specialist knowledge of PPSR is important for parties that need to place registrations to protect their interests.


Access Intell sits in the niche space between competent lawyers and businesses with the ability to interact commercially with PPSR and is one of only 3 such providers in Australia with the knowledge, experience and platform capability to assist businesses that require anything more than standard 2D processing.


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